Friday, June 13, 2008

Yesterday, someone got me caught up in this...dare I say..."tag"...Ugh!! I hate tags and memes.

But when I started looking at it more, to me I considered it more blogstalking and not answering a bunch of random questions. ;op

Hence, my new installment of blogstalking today! :o)

The deal is to show what is hiding behind my fridge, cabinets, and pantry. Kewl.

Here is how my fridge looks like on the outside. I like putting magnets of places where I have traveled on there (on the side of it too), and gotta have my niece's art work up as well!

And here is a quick peek at what is going on top of my fridge

I usually like my water at room temperature (but take it either way). And I have my Christmas canister from my beloved G.arrett's popcorn (which was inhaled 2.2 minutes flat! Haha)

Well since Patrice caught me with this "request" at the end of the week I really need to "make groceries" ;op Haha! My frequent place of shopping for those essentials are T.rader J.oes and H.arris T.eeter. I am in need to pay them a visit right about now! LOL

I normally don't have that many drinks in my refrig, but had some hosting I was doing so...there you have it. Typically I only have water, milk, and diet ginger ale. Haha! That is it!

Random food at the bottom was from my job's cook out we had yesterday.

Nothing exciting in there! Told ya! I need to "make groceries" (I am teasing someone every time I say that...I really don't say that! How in the world do you go "make" some groceries! Haha!) and I don't cook often.

So there you have it! A single woman's frig! Haha!

And I throw (literally) a few things in the freezer

Crab cakes, salmon (which just reminded me to take a couple filets out), TV dinners (yes I still call them that!), veggies, and gotta have some ice cream up in there! stuff is just stacked up like order! Haha!

And don't even ask me how long I have had those candle holders in my freezer...literally years!! I never have the ice machine on. I hate stale ice. ;op

Above the stove is where I keep my spices and things when I do get the fancy to whip up something! ;o)

Gotta have good ole L.awry's seasoning! That is just the bare basics right there!

And in my pantry it looks like this

Mmmhmm not much there either! Haha!

My teas, white chocolate coco from Caribou (LUV!), gotta have my straws (I never drink straight from a can), and some soup (usually have more but it is hot out now).

I would have cereal and oatmeal in there..but yeah...I gotta "make some groceries" ;op

As you can see my Foreman grill does not get a workout anymore, and we won't talk about how long that champagne has been sitting there...many many years too! lol

Then I have the infamous pile of plastic bags that I just push down every time I open up the door! Hahaha! I so have not gone all the way "green" ;o)

Alright! That is enough of my biz for now! Haha!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Emily said...
    Garrett's popcorn is the BEST!
    Adrienne said...
    Ive never heard of that popcorn!!!! lol and I LOVE popcorn!
    Pajnstl said...
    lol whateva! You Make Groceries by going to the store and placing things in your buggy and Making somone else pay for it hahaha :p

    and get rid of some of those bags!!
    Channon said...
    It's hard to get worked up about cooking for one. Heck, I have trouble just cooking for two!
    Blanche Knits in DC said...
    I see Yogi tea in the pantry!! It's the greatest for healing the throat when you aren't feeling well :)

    Have a great weekend!!
    Minerva Exertion said...
    I like this post. I have to blogjack when I pick up my digital camera this afternoon.
    Anonymous said...
    Too funny. I was just saying to myself..."cook or no cook you gotta have some LAWRY's Seasoning Salt!" and POOF! There it was :O)
    Nik said...
    A lot of older people from the south say "make groceries". My aunt used to say that a lot.
    melissaknits said...
    mmm...ben and jerry's....
    Sheila said...
    I haven't gone green either... I have so many plastic grocery Have a Great Weekend.
    tina said...
    I have to tell you how much I appreciated seeing the inside of your fridge and cabinets!!!! It quite vindicated me!

    I would NEVER in a million years show the inside of my freezer or fridge! It is a nightmare in there. Not old moldies, just a mess. Mostly iced tea and diet Mt. Dew----- a door full of condiments and a city of white take out boxes.

    My cabinets (I have an enormous double pantry that we laughingly call the Costco side and the Sam's side) are very neat and orderly because it is not my job to keep them so!

    On the plastic bag front, you have a have a few for emergencies you know. I have to keep some for doggie presents (yard bombs)--- I have more than I need but a good excuse!

    Thanks for breaking your meme rule, I do love to learn more about blogfriends!
    futrose said...
    HA, It looks like you eat about the same "nutritious" food my family eats. I'm just glad to see you don't have any candles in the freezer. It doesn't make them burn longer, just makes them crack...thanks for nothing Martha Stewart.
    Anonymous said...
    Oh, Stacey! If anyone can bring me out of a funk it is you girl!!!!! There is no way I would photog my fridge, freezer and cabinets. They are not messy, but it's just personal! Hey is that the new Morningstar little veggie and rice patties? I love those! Both the southwest and ginger teriyaki are yummy. Never had Garrett's popcorn. Is it an East coast thing? Thanks for the fun post. Happy weekend.
    Orchidophile said...
    I'm all about the Tony Chachere Creole Seasoning! LOL!

    I could eat salmon every day!

    About the bags: One day I took all my bags to the recycling box at my grocery store. When I was done stuffing all the bags in the box, it was brimming over with bags.

    Did I mention that it was empty when I began and that I went early one Saturday morning in order to avoid stares? LOL!
    Batty said...
    Sorry I haven't been around for a while... 3 business trips in 3 weeks really got to me.

    Anyhow, now I'm hungry. Going to warm up the burritos I made last night.
    Macoco said...
    Thank you for the peek inside your cupboards! I always find it fascinating to see what people have in there. ;)
    Julia said...
    Haha! You made this so funny! Thanks for sharing =) I was wondering at first about all those drinks in your fridge... ;)
    cpurl17 said...
    Sorry, I saw the Garrett's and lost my focus. mmmmmmm Garretts
    Liz said...
    How funny!!!! I love looking into other people's lives and this is such a cool way to do it!

    I always drink out of cans, but I think I might not from now on!!! I need straws!
    Deborah said...
    Where's the proverbial chinese food cartons???
    Trina said...
    Great idea for a post!
    Your pantry looks like mine! With the plastic bags.... I think everybody does that!
    diddlinaknits said...
    i have stopped getting bags at my grocery store but my pile that i already have is about 4 times bigger than yours-its just crazy
    Liked the little peek into your world :)
    Have fun "making goceries"
    Beth said...
    I found this so interesting, not like a Meme at all. I too collect magnets of places I've been. Some decorator guy on TV said it was tacky to do this, but screw him!
    Robin said...
    Very interesting!!! That's the kind of meme I can play along with!
    Cas... said...
    Oh boy! I know so many people who love Garrett's popcorn. It has never been one of my favorites. I used to love the Copper Popper cheese and carmel popcorn. It was very cheesy and not greasy like Garrett's. I now go to Kernel Fabyan's in Naperville for my gourmet popcorn fix. It's funny how things trigger your thoughts isn't it? I can't wait to get back to get some too! Watch out for my yellow fingers! LOL!

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