Thursday, June 05, 2008

Some Things, Some Times

One of my favorite authors is J. C.alifornia C.ooper, and one of the many books I have enjoyed by her is Some L.ove, Some P.ain, Sometime. Hence, the relatable blog title for today. Definitely check this author out if you haven't yet, she is phenomenal!

I have Some Things I want to say and share :o)

Let me take a brief moment to thank all of my knitter pals for giving me the personal heads up about the Malabrigo factory fire. Y'all know how I am a fein over some Mal :oD
I actually ended up discovering the tragedy shortly after it was announced on their site, so thanks for lookin' out just in case!
My heart was heavy for them when I heard about it. I am watching for updates on their blog. Hoping they can recover quickly from this setback.

If you care to send your well wishes and prayers you can send a card to them here:
Malabrigo 8424 NW 56 St. Suite #80496 Miami FL 33166 USA
The mail will then get forwarded onto Uruguay

A couple of weeks ago one of my favorite bloggers, Robin, had a contest for her Ravelry anniversary (definitely read some of the great responses over there!), and guess who won! :oD

She even wrapped it up like LYS yarn packages! ;op

I didn't even realize that I had won, and my gurl had to tell me about it as I was headed out the door to A.tlanta that weekend! ;opI received some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (BSCF) that I have yet to knit with (*gasp!*), Colinette Prism that I was thrilled about as I have been wanting to get my hands on some of Colinette other than Jitterbug ;o), and Noro Kochoran.

Because I ended up being the random winner, and Robin knowing that I am a Noro Lover ;op she even threw in some extras for me! Noro Kueryon (believe it or not I have never knit with this one either! Haha!) and I already know what I plan to do with that yarn. As well as some Noro Iro!

And she included this cute card :o)I must give a big Thank You to Ms. Robin for a great fiber package!

So I got wind of a new knit magazine not too long ago The Burda folks have spread their wings into fiber publications. I never knew who Burda was until I started reading some of my sewing pal blogs. ;o)

And I wanted to get my hands on V.erena to see what it was all about! I was able to scoop it up during my A.T.L. yarnsploration at K.nitch!

Here is a lookey inside:

Whatcha think?? :o) They boost that every issue will have over 50 patterns in them!

I have a feeling I will be subscribing since I know it will be hard for me to find it here locally.

Surprisingly I have not been hording Malabrigo since the upsetting fire accident. Because I have plenty of Mal to keep me busy!! Especially my new lace weights that I need to untwist and wind up to get ready for casting on! ;o)

In preparation I have been studying hard on Ravelry what patterns I would want to knit with it and in what colors.

Here is one design I plan on making one of my mal lace hanks bloom into!That is the beautiful Alhambra by KnitSpot. Ain't it just yummy!

So I need help! Which color should I use on her??

Tell me your vote!

And before I leave I must show you my very "kewl" knitting t-shirts I got a couple of weeks ago :o)

I love my Fearless Knitter one!! Did you notice it in my Stitch 'N' Pitch pics?

And I am actually getting my O.bama one exchanged to have a black edging instead. But I think how timely it is since now he is our D.emocratic Nominee!!!! :oD It is very serendipitous!

Until next blog time!


  1. Adrienne said...
    Ohhh lovin the applewood and the Obama shirt! Ook....going to bed now lol
    gold said...
    I like the applewood too!What a nice prize you won.
    Wow I feel sad about that yarn company catching on fire.
    turtlegirl76 said...
    That knit mag is all over Charlotte actually. I've seen it at all the bookstores, and some of the shops.

    And what a great prize package! Robin hooked you up! That hank of Kochoran is a discontinued color. That's the one I'm making my Lady Eleanor out of and had to track it down on e-bay to get enough!
    Cas... said...
    I vote for the applewood. I like the color and I think it would look very elegant.

    Congratulations on winning the prize! A fabulous one too!

    I am sorry to hear about the factory. I hope they are able to rebuild soon.

    Another great blog entry!

    Keep up the good work!
    melissaknits said...
    Applewood! (just MHO - it will show the lace better)

    I have 2 bags of Kochoran saving up for my retirement or just a bored moment. I loves me the Noro.
    urbanknitrix said...
    ***WARNING**** The word love will be used a lot.

    I LOVE J. California Cooper, she is in my top 5, maybe top 2. My favs are A Piece of MIne and Homemade Love - which I give as gifts and In Search of Satisfaction. She is the only author I reread really.

    I Love both colors, but am leaning to the Applewood.

    And I love both t-shirts.

    Okay, the love fest is over. Happy knitting
    Anonymous said...
    Oh, boy. That yarn package has two of my favorite yarns ever! My love of the Kureyon is well documented on my blog; I just can't get enough of how vibrant the colors are. If you love Noro, you'll love Kureyon. Also, Cotton Fleece is one of my desert island yarns. It's soft, has great drape, beautiful colors, knits up really well, and is really reasonably priced! I have that same color in my stash; we should do a yarn-along!

    As for the scarf, I vote for the khaki-ish color. That pattern looks really organic to me, and I think that color would be a lovely fit.
    Renee said...
    I really like the hollyhock!
    Sourire11 said...
    Hmm... I think I'd go with the applewood... I just like it better, I guess.

    And I love that Obama shirt!
    Channon said...
    Great prize, and LOVE that lace pattern. Of course, Sissy votes for the purple... ;) I'll have to be on the lookout for that magazine!
    Robin said...
    You're welcome!! Glad you liked the package!

    I never saw that knit mag before around here! I also like the way you showed pictures from it in a slideshow with your comments - that's a great way to do it!
    Zhenya said...
    My first response was Applewood, but in thinking more about you and the pattern, I think you should go with the Holly Hock. What an awesome prize!
    kim said...
    Oh, the goodies abound! I love that Alhabra pattern. I think either yarn would be pretty, but I'm partial to neutrals. Poor Malabrigo. I hope they recover soon!
    QueenDBW said...
    When I read your title, the first thing that came to mind was J. California Cooper. I LOVE HER!!!

    Congrats on your yarn win and where'd you find that Knitters for Obama shirt?
    Liz said...
    Really sad news about the factory. I hope the people were ok, and the yarn of course!

    Lovely prize! I love the cotton fleece.

    I think my vote for the scarf is for the hollyhock, it's gorgeous!
    Ava said...
    You have really lucked out this year!

    I usually automatically choose purple, but I prefer the Applewood.
    Kamika said...
    Robin is great! Nice prize!

    Holly Hock! For inspiration check out Michelle Obama's dress in a very similar shade. That color looks gorgeous on brown ski.
    Anonymous said...
    Lucky you, again! Aren't you always winning some yarn?? lol. Girl, congrats. LOVE the tee shirts, especially the GObama one :-)

    And I'm liking the tan yarn.
    smariek said...
    Normally I would gravitate towards the Hollyhock, but for that pattern I'd choose the Applewood.
    Sereknitty said...
    I pick the applewood for the scarf ... I think the purple would look a bit too 'cutsie', rather than classic.
    Ms.Erika said...
    Where do you get the Obama T-shirt from? I want one and the 'Knit or go home" one from Gilmore Girls.

    Alhambra is beautiful, I would love to learn how to make that.
    Minerva Exertion said...
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE J. California Cooper!

    I'm sorry to hear about the yarn factory. I hope they will be able to rebuild.

    That Obama t-shirt is that fire!

    Have a great weekend.
    Working Mom Knits said...
    Love, love, love that scarf pattern- Must. Have. It. Fors. My. Self.

    I vote applewood - muy elegante!
    Sheila said...
    Congrats! and great prize. The lace scarf is so pretty and I would go with the camel color. Will keep a lookout for that magazine.
    StarSpry said...
    That's a great prize you won!

    I love the Hollyhock color and I think it would look so pretty for the Alhambra scarf :)
    Pajnstl said...
    I've never read aything by her before. I'll have to check her out.
    I pick purple.... thats a nice ascot/scarf

    You are too lucky. lol @ you not knowing you won

    Cute tees! I needto get me an Obama tee! Geaux O
    cpurl17 said...
    You ARE a winner and deserve fabulous prizes!

    I vote for the Applewood too!

    Where'd you get the Obama t?
    diddlinaknits said...
    you got some mroe nice goodies-i am so comin over to raid your stash.
    I vote for Applewood i think that would lovely around your neck :)
    Teresa(NC) said...
    I vote for Holly Hock. Great lace pattern.

    You really scored on the knitting prize, yay for all the great yarn! Lots of projects coming up with that gorgeous fiber.

    I actually found the magazine in Gastonia so I know it should be in Charlotte. Still its a good subscription to have....course ALL knitting mags are good subscriptions to have IMO. :-).
    Ilix said...
    Love those t-shirts! I will have to pick up a fearless knitting one soon. I also vote for Applewood. It looks lovely! Hope you have a good weekend.
    Beth said...
    I LOVE those t-shirts!!! Did you make them? Get I buy them somewhere??? I came over from Octopus' blog and of course, I am a fellow knitter.
    Beth said...
    Oh and applewood for me too!
    KimT said...
    gotta get the obama T! Please tell me where to get one!!!!!
    Janet Richards said...
    I'm going for the purple lace yarn. I love the applewood too, but for some reason the purple spoke to me today.

    Yay on the contest! Fun yarn :)

    I'm jealous of your Knitters for Obama shirt - I want one of those! I have to order one for the summer. I just got 3 Obama shirts and 2 bumber stickers - non knitting - so I have to take a bit of a break for a while :)
    Rosi G. said...

    It's sooo hard to choose between those two gorgeous hanks of mal lace!! hmmmm - I would go w/the tan because I'm such an earthy-colors person. NECIA would go with the purple, I'm sure, cuz that's RIGHT up her alley!! I haven't seen an Alhambra done in anything but shades of autumn, so PURPLEY it is!!

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