Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wrestler: Crimson Warrior!

Well I am an official wrestler!! ;o) Figuratively speaking in the Ravelry WIP Wrestlemania!!

Y'all know I am always into something!! ;op

The goal is for the entire month of July to wrestle our WIPs into COMPLETION! Haha!

That's it! Very easy...right!?!? are My Opponents (listed in my sidebar):

  1. A top secret project I've been working on since LAST fall!! I will not be defeated!! lol
  2. Anastasia socks...I've been meaning to work on since last year...finally CO a couple of weeks ago. I can rumble this into completion! :oD
  3. Noro double knitted halfway thru and realized my purse handle was not going to fit it and threw it out of the ring Hahaha!
  4. Whisper Cardigan -most recent CO project that will not get the best of me by growing like grass on my needles. It will be slain!! Tee hee

They even have Weight/Division/Event tags for your WIPs too!! :oD It really is all in FUN!!

And hopefully some great motivation to get these items done (yes BTS vest was not on the list..I was trying to be realistic dang it!!), and by doing it collectively it may actually be the push I need to finally finish these projects.

One of my wrestling teammates Janet (Team Charlotte Purls Baby!!!) jokingly came up with this wrestler name for me and then had this for me too:

Crimson Warrior

This is one mean advisory, she is highly trained in use of fiber arts. Knits lightening quick and crochets very hard.

She has annihilated many WIPs in unarmed combat. We have tried to overwhelm her from afar but her cat like reflexes seem to have granted her an ability to dodge the unfinished WIP.

She is a phenomenal fiber athlete, her knitting needle points are deadly and has great focus from her inner chi.

She is able to eliminate large amounts of us yarn in any encounter.

She has killed so many of us now that she has become a living legend among the hero ranks, honored by all for her powers

She has yet to meet her match, maybe sometime soon we will have the resources necessary to tackle her and take this thorn out of our side once and for all. We heard Lord LYS is scheming some diabolical plan for her downfall

Until that time we advise to approach with extreme caution.

Heavily borrowed from this site LOL!



  1. Adrienne said...
    LOL@ heavily borrowed!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!! LOL
    Channon said...
    You can do it! I have a few WIPs I need to wrestle too...
    Michelle said...
    Hmm I should go join that group! I have had startis lately and have a ton of summery projects going!
    Heather said...
    Go Teammate, GO! You will be victorious in battle!!! ROAR!
    Nik said...
    RAWR! Let's kick some butt!
    Sourire11 said...
    Oooh fun concept! Good luck!
    Anonymous said...
    Good luck with your wrestling matches :)

    Nice banner ;)
    martha - ca knitter said...
    This sounds like something I should join! :-)
    BTW, I've tagged you for The One Lovely Blog awards because you are always so generous with your ideas and compliments. Thank you for sharing.
    diddlinaknits said...
    HA i love it!!!!! what a fun way to tackle some WIPS. I am trying to do that as well this summer. You know i will be cheering for you!!!!

    betty said...
    Good luck with that, Sponge Bob!
    Cas... said...
    Major kudos to you for getting those WIPs finished. I'm rooting for you.

    Good Luck!
    Anonymous said...
    Haha, I love this. So funny! And such a great idea. I've got 3 (soon to be 4) WIPs on the needles as of now, so maybe I should join too!
    Alison Boon said...
    Wishing you lots of support adn luck You go girl. I don't thinkI'd even be brave enough to list the Wips.
    mandy said...
    You are awesome! I'll be rooting for you, and maybe even trying to finish up some second socks, too!
    gold said...
    I know you can DO IT!!!!!Go Go Go!!!
    Anonymous said...
    that is awesome!!! best wishes on all your wips! i have plenty started and plenty i NEED to start- and all to be completed!!

    happy july with all your projects that will be done :)
    Scheherazaad said...
    Good luck. I have Stacey as an opponent too.
    BrownBerry said...
    Brown Bomb-a stopping by here to cheer you on; shaking a stern finger at your WIPs and at my own ;-)

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