Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Take II

I am definitely on "Take II" with ALL my current WIPs right now...sigh

So I "attempted" Ravelympics but knew it was going to be a long shot getting to the finish line b/c life got busy on both fronts (work & personal) for me. It really became apparent that I wouldn't even get off the runway once I realized something was very wrong with my cabling.....can you see it??Yep not all of them are "crossing" lol.....after further inspection of my interpretation of the pattern repeat...I was doing too many plain stitches before the cable stitch on one of the rows.

And after further consultation with some knit buddies over a "lunch & knit" session they convinced me that I would need to frog and just do it right from the beginning.....I have yet to still do that....blah

Then there is the other project I was working on

This was for a KAL in my knitting group on slippers. These will some day be the prairie boots ;op

I thought I would be clever and not only knit them 2AAT but also double yarn them for extra cushion on the soles....big mistake

Gauge ended up waaaay off! They practically cover my entire foot already and I am nowhere near the point of decreasing to round out the toe on the pattern......another one to the pond!

So in my state of "Take II" I thought I would just pull out an older WIP that is pretty much on easy street as I am strictly on sleeve island now.While working on the second sleeve I realized 2 inches in that I was still working on the smaller needle used for ribbing....Doh! Could I just play it off and hope that blocking would loosen those rows up and go back to the bigger needle size? Or stay on the small needle while the other sleeve was knitted with the bigger needle?? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip

Who knows when I will finally finish a freakin project!!

But I will say it was great sitting & knitting this past weekend in my fav LYS like I used to do back in the day, because a wonderful surprise visitor came thru the door!

Jane! I had not seen her in 4-eva! And she was just looking fabulous sporting her Ravelympic sweater - it truly honored the games. Thanks for making a pit stop to see me as it was great just chit chatting with you. I always appreciate your kind words and support!

In the meantime, hopefully I will be able to show an F.O. around here soon!! ;op Happy Knitting!


  1. Michelle said...
    Oh man that stinks when the knitting gods(godesses) seem to be against you! Hope your needles cooperate right away!!!
    martha - caknitter said...
    Ya know, sometimes frogging is the best way to go. I agree with your friends. Good luck with your projects. They all look promising.:-)
    Channon said...
    Frogging can be liberating. Enjoy it, and the next round will be better!

    Glad you got to see a friend while you were hanging out.
    Jane Prater said...
    Wow. That's a lot of cables to cross. Thanks for the kind words.
    Adrienne said...
    LOL atleast you had a good time at the LYS! LOL
    diddlinaknits said...
    it can be frustrating when you go through a phase like this but sometimes the ripping is freeing :)
    it will be better the next time around :)
    glad you got to see your friend, that's always nice.

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