Sunday, July 22, 2007

TV Knitting Marathons

I believe I officially O.D. on blogging the other week. :op I blogged 6 out of the 7 days and didn't feel like posting much after that! Haha!

Also, let me just say Traveling Teddy was very popular on my blog! LOL He was a big hit! :oD

If you want Traveling Teddy to come visit you, there is now a nice website link that Anna set up on "How to Get Traveling Teddy" to come visit you!
The knitting world has decided to take him over! :oD Haha! So click on the link and sign up!

By the way, Teddy has safely made it to Alabama and you can continue to track his travels by clicking on the link above as well. So thanks everyone for commenting on his farewell! :o)

In other blog worthy news, mid-last week I finally received THIS!

YAH!!!! I am a die hard fan of the Golden Girls (GG)! WHOA!
I waited patiently for all the seasons to come out on DVD, because I just knew they were going to bundle them all up in one package. And I got it! E.bay is a wonderful shopping center! :op

So GG has been playing over here non-stop. It is the BEST knitting T.V. ever!!! :oD

Aside from my #1 choice S.ex and the City (SATC) as my TV knitting marathon. :op YAH!

Now let me just say I also have all of the SATC seasons (unfortunately not the bundle pack - I couldn't wait back then!) and I LOVE those too!! (Not to mention I also own the SATC complete episode guide book :op)
I had grown tired of running my SATC DVDs to the status of "hot" and decided to give them a rest by changing things up a bit with GG!

Have y'all noticed the similar parallels of GG and SATC?
I realized why I was head over heels for both of them so much!

BOTH - are 4 women who are friends
BOTH - have the theme of living single and of course "s.ex" in them :op
BOTH - sit around at a table to recognize and discuss the ups & downs of life
BOTH - have the "crack up & laugh out loud" trigger :oD
BOTH - ran for at least 6 seasons! (GG at 7)

Of course one group is young in their flirty 30s and the other group are over their nifty 50s.
I really like both of these shows because these are women who evolve to be close knit like family thru the experiences and journey of life - the good and the bad. That is what attaches me to them!

I really enjoy both of these T.V. shows because I can have a good ole time knitting along with them! Before I know it 2 hours has slipped by and I have made lots of progress on my knitting! So there is progress to show soon :op

So tell me! What can you just sit down and "go-to-town" as your TV Knitting Marathons?


  1. anna said...
    LOL, it looks like Traveling Teddy was lovin' Charlotte! Can't wait to see all the fun he has at Adrienne's place!

    I know a lot of folks that LOOOVEEE them some Golden Girls and Sex in the City. For whatever reason, I could never get into either one of 'em. I am; however, a HUGE fan of Girlfriends off of UPN. Due to me working hours, I missed a whole lot of the season this past year, might buy some of 'em off of iTunes to knit to.

    Aside from Girlfriends, I'd have to say that reality shows like the Real World are my favorite to knit along to!!!
    KimT said...
    i tivo knitty gritty and uncommon threads, general hospital and all my children. I think i can sit and knit to just about anything!
    Channon said...
    Current TV? Not much, but my stepson got me hooked on Charmed a couple of summers ago!
    Adrienne said...
    I can knit to almost anything.....but yesterday it was My life on the D List!!! LOL
    Anonymous said...
    Star Trek or Twilight Zone (I'm such a friggin' nerd, LOL).
    Stacey said...
    I keep TiVoing SATC even after seeing each episode probably 50 times. Hubby thinks I'm crazy....
    Sheila said...
    GG is definitely funny especially Mama Duke. I never got into SATC.. but my daughter is a fan. As for my favorite show almost anything on Life Time.
    Robin said...
    I never thought about the comparisons between SATC and GG, but now that you mention it!! I had a great time catching up on ER from the beginning - I knitted and did the treadmill all the way from the beginning through now, on DVD. Netflix is great for marathons like this. I am a reality TV girl for the most part though, and loved Project Runway (of course), America's Next Top Model, etc. They need new seasons for both of those!
    Ms. Lee said...
    I just popped in to say hi. But I love Golden Girls! My sis always teases me and says my shoes look like Blanche Devereaux's! LMAO! My sis don't know a damn thing about nothing!

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