Thursday, July 05, 2007

Twisted Knitter

This sucks.

Today really should be Sunday! *groan*

This is such a tease!

How can we have a holiday in the middle of the week!

Yesterday should have been Saturday and today should be my Sunday!
Don't get me wrong I am happy about the extra freebie day. :o)

So yesterday during my mid-week Saturday I flipped thru my "just took of my wish list" book.

Weekend Knitting has been on the market for a little while, but I finally picked it up.

See all those yellow tags - just some of the things I have been eyeing :o) Here is a quick peek

Okay so I lied! I have a LR teaser and just couldn't resist. This is what all 4 panels looks like on Lizard Ridge. As you can see I had to change carpet locations to get it all spread out! Right in the middle of my living room floor LOL

The "egg carton" bumps are naturally falling out of LR while I have the panels stretched out side by side so I can minimize some of the notorious stockinette "curl". Blocking will not even be a finishing process other then to let it lay out after I give it a nice bathe.

So glad that I will be doing the 5 panels. I put my other favorite "snuggle up while cold" blanket on top to compare the size and it appears that LR will be longer but just about the same width once the border is on the afghan. I am very pleased to see that! The snuggle blanket is considered full size.
My place looks like a knitting factory. There are balls of yarn everywhere, laid out "almost done" knitted items that just need to be seamed, and ancient U.F.Os that have almost been forgotten sitting on needles in many places.

Remember this:

Well it now looks like this:
A couple of weeks ago I finally broke down and bought this cute wicker bin to store all of my yarn and other knitterly things! :op Basically a cute way to hide my mess!

Thank goodness my stash has not grown out of control that I would not be able to contain it all in this cutesy small box, and that is the way I want to keep it!

Alright you all have a nice Sunday! I mean...Thursday :op


  1. Anonymous said...
    Yeah, the holiday on Wednesday felt weird. Yesterday felt like Sunday to me.
    Adrienne said...
    I agree girl My days are off as well! LOL
    gold said...
    I know it should have been Sunday today!!Your project is looking great!
    MrsPurls said...
    I love the Weekend Knitting book. I received it as a gift. It has some nice projects to work on! LR is lookin' good...Thanks for the preview. Love that Storage Container..I definately one of those for my little stashette!!
    Connie said...
    That book definitely looks like a keeper and you are getting so organized, and I'm jealous...LOL You can come and organize my wild yarn now!
    Anonymous said...
    Stacey~It's a joke,right? That really nice basket? I have a whole ROOM for my yarn! Color: green (natch). I should make a picture of it. That would be worth a peek on my old blog, heh?! Hold on~~just one more day til the weekend!
    Sheila said...
    WoW.. LR is coming along nicely... perfect blanket to wrap-up in during the cool days with a good book. I took the week off to avoid that midweek confusion. What a beautiful basket... I actually bought a similar one but round and quickly out-grew I need to check-out Weekend Knitter.. thanks for the peeksy.
    PAJNSTL said...
    Cute Wicker Basket!

    Love the Mickey blankie LOL I know you will be glad when LR is done and finished!!!
    anna said...
    Weekend Knitting was one my first knitting books!

    That wicker basket is CUTE!

    LOL @ the mid-week Saturday. I feel you!!!

    I'm so glad I chose the 5 panel option as well. We'll be snuggly warm come winter time. ;-)
    Jeanine said...
    Weekend Knitting is one of my favorite books. Lots of cool projects in there. Enjoy!

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