Tuesday, August 07, 2007


There has been a little secret that I have been keeping from all of you.

Yep, it is time to fess up.

I have another silent hobby that I don’t really expose to others anymore.
I actually used to be head over heels in creating handmade greeting cards! :o) I was a “Stampin Up” girl! Yes, I was a crafty somebody before the knitting took over me! :op

It really has been a long time since I have been actively involved in this hobby. Over 8 years ago one of my girlfriends hooked me into it and we would have all night stamping sessions and go to various Stampin Up parties together. That feels like eons ago! I really enjoyed it!!

Sadly, my girlfriend moved out of state and things had not been right since then! LOL I still kept up with my stamping for a little while but without the camaraderie of my girlfriend I slowly let the hobby go.
Folks who knew me when I used to do the cards still ask me from time to time if I am still making them! Especially, once they hear about me knitting now.

I recently took pics of some of the cards I saved from years ago that I wanted to keep as samples. Honestly I really was just a novice at all of the stampin’. I have seen people make mini masterpieces with these cards!
Here is some of my work:

Like knitting you only wanted to give out those “especially-made-for-you-one-of-a-kind-cards” out to someone who would appreciate it!! :o)

Well stamping and scrapping have come a long way since I started out 8 years ago! There are so many new gadgets and now you can do it digitally!! Wow!! There are scrapping and stamping blogs everywhere and a new lingo I don’t even understand!! :oD With all of that….I am still not really interested in getting back into the hobby! HA!

However, I did dust off the cobwebs of my stampin’ supplies and sent out a couple of cards recently. You know every now and then it will just “hit me” :op

I really was inspired pull everything down (literally) after I discovered my Red Color Swap Pal - Channon stamps/scraps herself! So I thought to myself she would be someone that would be pleased about my little creation and understand what it took to make it! After all she is a crafter herself! For all of those who wanted to see her reveal red package you can click here. She got it and loved it!

I even went out to my local box chain store, H.obby L.obby – the HL to some of y’all :o) and purchased some layout paper and facing along with a new stamp!! I did discover I needed new rubber stamp markers since they all dried up on me! But I am not worrying about investing in that again at this time :op I was surprised to discover my stamping ink pads still had color left in them! Ha! I was motivated enough to check in with the nearest Stampin’ Up consultant and may sign up for a party soon…..we will see!

It was so weird!! I forgot all the little tidbits on how to orient my paper on the cutting board and all the magic measurements! Also, with my old stampin’ buddy we would share our resources and I remembered she had a lot of the embellishments I would use like the embossing items! Shish!
I am NOT going out to buy this stuff for an ‘every blue moon when the wolf howls’ moment when I decided to stamp! LOL :oD

Well when I got started in the process I got excited again and was so proud of my little creations (I made a twin of course)!! Here is the card I made for Channon with my new stamp and papers

It felt good to go thru the process again of making the cards. I missed doing it and I really missed my stampin’ buddy. I will need to give her and ring and even slip a card to her in the mail ;o) Sadly she doesn’t stamp anymore either….sigh

Let me just make this announcement now! Loud & clear that I will NOT be picking this back up as a full-time hobby. :oD I just like playing with all of those things from time to time!

Knitting is my main hobby and I will say I actually like it better for a few reasons. In knitting your projects for the most part are very portable. One of the things I hated about stampin/scrappin is lugging all of your stuff from place to place/house to house with others. A minor irritation, but you definitely can’t wait in line to stamp/scrap or how about while you drive! :op Haha! Just kidding! Y’all know what I mean! You can’t take it on the plane with you or short car trips to a quick vacation spot. It just ain’t happening! All that organizing, cutting, and cleaning up makes this craft not the easiest “take-along”. I love that you can do that with knitting!!

The other big difference between stamping cards (not scrap booking) and knitting is that it can be much more disposable. With stamping cards you make them and they will more than likely go in a box somewhere or to my horror ultimately end up in the trash. With knitting it typically is a useful and wearable item that someone would feel more compelled to use or at least keep! And that makes me sleep a little better! Hahaha! :o)
Besides I enjoy the thrill of fondly yarn and picking out patterns for my next creation and watching it slowly grow on my needles (yeah I take my sweet ole time! LOL). And there is no way this crafter over here can maintain two hobbies! Knitting takes up enough of my budget!!! :op Sorry, the paper and ink can’t be cutting in on my yarn and book splurges! :oD

Okay this post turned out to be much longer than I anticipated!

If you have read every word of my ramblings up to this point and can read this fine print I am so proud of you and know that you are a truly my blogger friend! :oD

Until next blog time!


  1. diddlinaknits said...
    Your cards are beautiful and i really like the one you made for
    I totally understand how you feel about knitting though. I also have some hobbies i have put to the side and pull out every now and then. besides friendship bracelets, kntting really is a great portable hobby.
    PAJNSTL said...
    LOVE your cards! I'm glad I was privy to get one for my b-day :) And It's not in the trash!!!
    Jeanine said...
    Those cards are awesome!
    Wendy said...
    Ok... so I don't have much of a life at the moment but I read every word right down to the small print. Feel free to let your true feeling show honey! I'm wondering what brought out the need to vent???
    Erica B. said...
    Those cards are beautiful!
    Channon said...
    I'm so glad you shared that beautiful work of art you're calling a card with everyone! Like you, knitting comes first, but you've inspired me to make the time to make special cards for the special people in my life. You are truly inspired though, and I will treasure your card right into a scrapbook!
    Michelle said...
    Hey this so awesome that you Stamp! Your cards are beautiful! Its so nice to have a craft you can utilize when its needed!

    I feel the same way you do about knitting. I just love that I can take it anywhere with me.

    And yes, I read every word....
    Cas... said...
    You did a terrific job on the card for Channon. I love it. Very creative.

    Congratulations on Ravelry. I must check out all the hype.
    Robin said...
    I really like the cards!! I went to one "Stampin' Up" party held by one of my co-workers who was actually selling it for awhile. I thought it was fun to work with all of the special tools and stuff, but I was a little bit turned off by the mindset of a few of the people that said you had to do your cards exactly a certain way. Was that just a weird experience and not normal?
    Connie said...
    All of your cards are beautiful and I too, have a stash of papers, inks, powders, ribbons, stamps, scissors, the list goes on and on.

    What's nice is you can always go in and make a special card when you get the urge and need a break from the fibers...LOL

    It is easy to overspend on anything, but it is great to have more than one hobby. As for throwing away cards, HA I still have cards from my best friend in school and their just ordinary greeting cards...LOL

    Ok, this comment has been as long as your post... rotfl
    moo said...
    Really nice cards, Stacey. I used to work for a stamp company and one of my best friends is a major stamper/teacher/author. All four years I worked there I never learned to stamp. Good job!
    Dani said...
    OF COURSE I read all the way thru ;-)

    I love that you can have other avenues of letting the creative out. Sometimes, as much as I love my knitting, I need something else. Some of my outlets are writing, taking pictures, baking, or sometimes I will dabble in stitch markers and the like. Once we close on the house, I'm sure decorating will be added to the list - and honestly I'm not that great at that. I'm lucky to have a friend who love interior design and has similar tastes who has offered to help. I like to read craft related blogs and see other peoples ideas and get inspiration.

    Bottom line, whatever makes you happy, and making time to enjoy it, even in small doses is what matters :-)
    Twisted Knitter said...
    It sounds like we made the same transition to our NEW favorite hobby from the OLD one - STAMPING. :-)

    I think you were very articulate about your reasons for giving up stamping in favor of knitting. I've had so many hobbies over the years that until I picked up knitting needles, nothing really felt as "right" for me as knitting. I still ENJOY stamping, but like you, I'm not likely to get all my stuff out unless I'm making A LOT of something.

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