Sunday, December 02, 2007

Week 4 of the Knitty Blogstalking 2: The Re-awakening is about:

3 Things I Love, and 3 Things I Hate

~ 3 Loves ~

1. I have a f.etish for chocolate covered cherries! And only THIS particular kind.

As you can see I devoured this box all last week. They mainly are available around C.hristmas and V.alentines in a large box like this. I just lurve them!!

2. I love me a really nice and GAWD pedicure.

You know the kind that is not only soothing, but puts a good massage on ya tootsies too!! :o) Make me 'almost' want to knit up some pedicure socks. Haha!

3. I absolutely love a REAL hug!

Not the kind when you are being polite or the "church" hug.

But the unexpected, I really want to, hold me tight hug! Y'all heard about the Free Hug Movement right?

~ 3 Hates ~

1. I have been experiencing this a lot lately. I hate when I get an eyelash stuck in my eye!

You know the kind you just can't "blow" out, but have to sit there and fight with it!

Especially when you are wearing contacts (b/c I am blind as a bat!) it is very painful!
I can't even function until that little pesky eyelash that is causing this one big problem is OUT of my eyeball! Ugh!

2. I cannot even stomach cottage cheese.I had a very bad childhood experience with it, and since then have been traumatized for life!
Therefore, I hate it! LOL Yuck!

3. I DETEST folding clothes!

I will wash and dry clothes all day long, but when it is time to fold them......lets just say I end up dressing out of my laundry basket! LOL

Y'all already know I want to know this:

What are some things you love and hate??


  1. Adrienne said...
    *I love chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva! Or when hubby makes them (NOT OFTEN!!!)
    *I love my camera and laptop and phone.
    *I love when I get mail that does NOT require me to pay something lol.

    *I HATE it when I have to deal with fake folks. ugh.
    *I HATE it when I have NO mojo for scrapping, sewing, or knitting.
    *I HATE it when I cook something and I am the only one that likes it! LOL

    Channon said...
    Love: quiet afternoons at home, traditional Christmas carols, pasta

    Hate: cleaning up after preparing a big meal, cold, cold rain than should be snow, that I cry very easily when I'm "moved" by something
    Emily said...
    I am terrible at folding clothes, too. Putting them away is just so much more difficult than taking them out! I just tried cottage cheese for the first time though, and I like it. But I have the same childhood-trauma-based aversion to celery! Ew.
    Anna said...
    we are *here* when it comes to cottage cheese. yuck!!!

    i LOVE see's candy bars and vanilla buttercream chocolates!

    i LOVE a good knit project.

    i LOVE french toast for breakfast, carbs, be damned, LOL.

    i HATE it when i'm in a room for a non-knitters, LOL.

    i HATE it when it snows on my day off, LOL.

    i HATE spiders, with a passion, LOL.
    cpurl17 said...
    I love finally getting my Christmas decorations done!
    I love getting Photo Christmas cards--and seeing how the kids have grown!
    I love a getting a few minutes to knit on a busy weekend.

    I hate the Sunday night back to work blues
    I hate the clutter in my home office that still needs to be dealt with
    I hate that I'm not sticking to my HA diet!
    Sheila said...
    3 loves:
    1: Chewing gum- all day, everyday... especially
    2: Food Shopping - too the extreme - where I need 3 shopping carts.
    3: Daydreaming - too the point that nothing gets

    3 Hates:
    1: Weaving in ends of my crochet/knit projects...ughh!
    2: I hate getting my hair done - totally tender headed.
    3: exercising but know I have to.
    Wendy said...
    You and Honey have sooooooo much in common! No wonder I was attracted to your blog!!!
    Sarah at Advancing the Plot said...
    3 Loves:
    good food

    3 Hates:
    grocery shopping
    cold, gray, winter days
    PAJNSTL said...
    love PIZZA, Kisses on the forehead, and having talents and skills that allow me to create ;)

    Hate fake people, cold/grey days, tomatos (I can eat ketchup, but not a tomato eww)
    Cas... said...

    key lime pie
    road trips


    fake people (I think we all can relate)
    sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting or all household chores
    doing my hair hence the braids! LOL

    Good one!
    gold said...
    1. I love nice big carmel apples with peacan nuts!!
    2.I love very easy sewing projects.
    3.I love going to my son's football games.

    1.I hate to start a project and it get to difficult for me and I can't finish.
    2. I hate driving in a snow storm.
    3. I hate that all my friends can't sew,crochet,or knit.I am all by myself with my crafts!!:(

    That was fun!!
    Knitaholictoo said...
    LOL on the folding clothes! I'd wash all the time but O LaawwwD!I hate folding clothes! Love me some Rocher gold balls with hazelnut, though.
    Jeanette said...
    Hey my first comment! :-) Since you asked... I hate turnips, mean people and Lion Brand Homespun. And I love coffee, knitting magazines, and being at the beginning of a series of books that I know I'm gonna enjoy.

    Jeanine said...
    I also love chocolate covered cherries.

    I love pajama days.

    I love watching my favorite movies while getting my knit on.

    I hate being around people with negative energy/karma.

    I hate when I'm being extremely indecisive about something.

    I hate having to get up to go to work on a snowy or rainy morning.
    lindwee said...
    I love every thing that is sweet.

    I love playing in the rain.

    I love people that respect me for who iam.

    I hate anything that is sour.

    I hate busy bodies.

    I hate being burnt by the sun.
    Robin said...
    Those chocolate covered cherries look WONDERFUL. I hate cottage cheese too! And Jim agrees with you on the not folding clothes thing - as he takes care of our house now, I have to stop myself from grabbing those baskets and putting stuff away!
    Don said...
    Chocalate covered cherries are the best, and folding up clothes (especially too many loads) is the absolute worst.
    KelInCal said...
    I love cupcakes! And yarn! Three cheers for cupcakes and yarn - woohoo! :D

    I hate folding laundry, too! You made me feel better there - a little enabling, if you will. :D

    I also detest dusting - with a passion! Now let's try and figure out why I moved to the desert....
    bravebird said...
    Hey chica!
    I LUUUUV pralines n cream and butter pecan ice creams, chicago style deep dish pizza, chicago style cheese n caramel popcorn,fried green tomatoes,my kids,god mom, and my SUPERMAN(my boyfriend),and my new knitting blog girlfriends, and the new ones I'll meet too!

    I HATE fake people, beets, cleaning/washing, going to work on Mondays, missing a good yarn sale, or that the tarn goes on sale and it's not a payweek for me so I have to behave LOL!
    Dipsy Doodle said...
    I *so* enjoyed reading through this list - and I realized we have quite a lot in common! I hear you on the eyelash thing - I'm wearing contacts too (also being blind as a mole without them), and ever so often I have an eyelash stuck beneath them - it's one hell of a pain, isn't it?
    Cottage cheese? Yuck! Folding clothes? What a nightmare!!! But those chocolate covered cherries - I'm drooling all over my keyboard here ;)))
    Liz said...
    Ooooh! Those cherries look delish!
    Liz said...
    Ooops forgot to tell you my loves and hates!
    I love:
    1.the summer. I love the warmth and the long dayness of the summer. cooking it, eating it, just love it
    3.when parcels arrive

    I hate:
    1.unfriendly, unsmiling people. you know, the ones who stare at ya and when you smile at them they scowl back
    2.people who eat fish and call themselves veggie. fish have faces and feelings too, you know.
    3.bad drivers..gggrrrrrrrr they make my blood boil!
    Janet Richards said...
    I will have to bring you a chocolate covered cherry from England that my husband's family sends us. It is *to* *die* *for*. Literally.

    Let's see:

    1. I finding a new LYS when I'm traveling.
    2. I love making my kids smile.
    3. I love my cell phone. I can't believe it took me so long to give up the clam shell.

    1. I hate getting up early.
    2. I hate my minivan right now.
    3. I hate having no time to knit.

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