Saturday, December 08, 2007

Countdown 'til Christmas!

Thank you! For helping me test out my new comment section....still not sure if I am going to stick with H.alo. It doesn't notify me instantly of a new comment, and then groups all of them in one e-mail in 30 minute increments...ugh!
That is more laborious than what I planned. Not to mention the history of my b.logger comments are wiped out under the new code....and other minor quirks I don't like.

However, I was delighted to see comments from people who normally read my blog, but just don't normally comment. YAH!!

Sereknitty shared on her blog about DROPS fabulous December pattern countdown! This is where they will reveal one of their free patterns each day during this month. How exciting! I have already saved at least 2 of them!

And it is about that time for me to get some Christmas cards out in the mail. I didn't send any last year! I so was not in the mood! Haha!
But this year I have the 'reach out and touch the ones I care about during the holidays' spirit

Of course! I will be using the holiday knit stamps y'all have seen floating out there!

Today, I plan to finally pick up my needles since last Thursday. What in the world is wrong with me!?! Yeah I got into a brief knit slump, but going to pull out of it today ;op

Have an awesome weekend!! :o)


  1. Virtuous said...
    Sorry to those 10 readers who already took the time to comment on this entry.

    I decided to switch back to blogger!

    No need to comment again! You know I responded to all of you! :o)

    Thanks for the comment luv!!
    Carmell said...
    i pulled out of my slup yesterday. i was in it for at least 3 weeks!
    Anonymous said...
    gotta roll out with the holiday knit stamps. gotta love 'em, LOL! i feel you about holiday cars. they're laborous, but it feels good to get them in the mail!

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