Saturday, January 19, 2008

Solid Precipitation?!?

Today was a very busy much so I cut it short! Because of our "impeding" weather and me just being plain ole tired.

It has been dark, gloomy and wet here today. Threatening to snow...again. And it actually ended up what I like to call "snow rain" coming from the sky! Melting as soon as it hits the ground LOL

You are looking at a gurl who was born and raised in Wis-con-sin....we do snow, we do nasty slush, and we do double negative degrees.
The only reason why we wouldn't go outside is because we don't want the skin on our faces to freeze off, or our car keys to break off in our locks (that has happened to me).
But one thing we don't do is slide on ice!! The south is notorious for ice storms! We haven't had a bad one here in a couple of years *knocks on wood*

However, this past Thursday we did not have an ice storm, but some light snow that lasted all of 3 hours at best before it melted. Haha!Today, as I mentioned, it snowed a bit but was even less than this (which by the way the city shuts down - no school that day and I decided not to go to work since they always act crazy about it, I just follow suit! LOL)

As everyone was out and about scampering and running to get their milk and bread (Yes! I was in there getting soup though Haha) I decided to cut my busy Saturday short and stay in! Because it is just one of those "stay in and knit" days.

However, I did stop by my old A.C. M.oore hangout before I headed back in to hibernate, where they were having a big knit and crochet extravaganza, to meet up with the woman who taught me how to knit!!

Yvonne rarely makes it up to Charlotte, and I hadn't seen her in over a year! So it was a treat to stop by and knit with her for a little while (before the weather got "treacherous"! Haha!) Don't ask me what we were doing in that pic! Because we were not paying attention LOL

I will have to fill y'all in on what is around my neck soon. I tried to take pics today but again...the weather has been gloomy here which is not the optimal lighting to squeeze out some decent photos.

In fact, my last few F.O. pics I have captured over the last couple of days are not the best at all; but I had to snap them as they needed to be "gifted". Which is why I can't post them yet. So knitting indeed has been going on over here! :o)

One last thing! Rubys N Purls was a sweetheart and surprised me with this on her blogThis blog award is for "blogs that bring you happiness and inspiration". Aaah ain't that just sweet! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know that I do that for others, when so many of you all do that for me! Thanks Monica!!

I am supposed to pass this onto X amount of people (you know how that goes), but honestly everyone that comes by to read my blog and takes the time to comment truly puts a smile on my face! So grab it if you do!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend....mine is a 3 day one!! Yah! :oD


  1. Adrienne said...
    I stopped reading at AcMoore lol. I miss mine! ;-)
    Erica B. said...
    Isn't it funny when it snows? LOL We had around an inch today. All of yesterday, everyone was at the store buying milk & bread... I haven't figured out the correlation between that and being snow bound yet! You should gladly follow suit. If N.C. is anything like AL you wouldn't want to be out with a bunch of Southerners that aren't use to driving on ice.
    Anonymous said...
    Cheater. It's NOT FAIR that I have to work Monday doggone it - it seems like everyone gets the day off!

    I'm with you on laughing at the snow - people here get so freaked out for even the dusting we got today.
    Anonymous said...
    I hate ice. Snow and ice aren't the same. I think the snow went east of us. POUT!
    Nik said...
    isn't this the best knitting weather.

    Girl, I'm from chicago, so you know that when I first moved to NC and discovered that the place shuts down at the THOUGHT of snow, I was like, "what's the big deal?" I can drive in snow, but I just stay inside when there's snow/ice on the ground because I'm afraid of the folks who can't.
    Stacey said...
    Ah, I have to work on Monday too! Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

    It's funny, Portland is like that - a little bit a snow and everything shuts down. Here in Mass though...we freeze our face off & still go to work! :)
    Michelle said...
    To look out the window up here in Cleveland you would think it was a beautiful warm day, but open the door and bam it takes your breath away! it's 7 degrees today without the ole windchill!
    Janet Richards said...
    Ha- I know what you mean. I was in S. Charlotte and was very underwhelmed on my trip home when it was supposed to be snowing!

    You went to A.C. Moore. Doreen was there, I can't believe you didn't see each other! She was disappointed b/c she couldn't make her way to the table and really get involved.

    Enjoy your long weekend!
    Sheila said...
    In my haste to get to JoAnn's yesterday, I mistakenly ended up at AC, but didn't go in, just turned around and headed back home b/c by the time I found JoAnn's it would've been too late. Looking forward to your FOs. Well us New Yorkers are all to familiar with
    dawn said...
    Cute neckwarmer! I just moved to Seattle from upstate New York and they think 30 degrees is cold here. The good thing about the warmer winter weather is the fingerless gloves I can now wear. I think I'm addicted.
    Jeanine said...
    There's nothing like staying in to knit! You guys look like you were having fun getting your knit on!
    Michele said...
    So sick of the snow. Here in Boston, we got ~30 inches in the month of Dec alone!

    Check this out:
    Vote for me? Pleeeeease...
    KelInCal said...
    I want snow!

    I hope you're having a nice extended weekend!
    Knitaholictoo said...
    I just heard from my best friend in ATL about the "big snow storm" and how everything was shut down. She's just moved there from L.I., we just laughed and laughed. We still have to go to work even with 8" on the ground! Enjoy the extra day!
    Virtuous said...
    @ Dawn - Thanks!

    I was just reading in my mitts book how fingerless gloves are used in very cold climates under mittens!

    Wish I had your e-mail addy! ;o)

    Thanks for stopping by!
    tina said...
    I am glad you have narrowly escaped harm due to treacherous weather! :)

    And you look cute as pie in that little yellow jacket----- aren't you just adorable???? I'm telling you.

    So what IS that around your neck????????
    Cas... said...
    How cool! A knit extravaganza! I want to go! Sounds like an interesting few days for you! I can't wait to see your FOs!
    Diane x hooky needle fingers said...
    girl it was -1 here in Chicago. I cant take this anymore. I need to be where the sun is.
    Don said...
    lol @ the look on your face in that pic.

    I don't know why people run and get stuff like, water, bread, and milk whenever the weather starts acting funny. wow @ that pic. Is that from your window?

    I see you grabbed some soup. lol. That's what I'm talking about. Does this mean we can expect another grill cheese and soup pic.

    Sidebar: You are looking RIGHT in those thighs!
    PAJNSTL said...
    lol the look on your face is priceless... What WERE you doing?!

    OH! Mine is a 3 1/2 day weekend. lol I skipped out early on friday!
    WandaWoman said...
    Hah, that was such a lite amount of snow. You're from WI? How did you end up in NC?
    We've been blasted with snow this winter.
    diddlinaknits said...
    Oh yay how cool is that catching up and knitting :) That's so funny that they freak out with just a bit of snow. i didn't know you were a wisconsin girl- we used to be state neighbors lol
    knibelle said...
    17 degrees?! Lucky you. Today was the first day it was above 0 since Friday in Minneapolis. Anyway, love the scarf. Definitely need to make one.
    Virtuous said...
    @Knibelle ` Yeah I have so punked out since I have moved down here from WI! LOL

    Shoot! After 15 years you'd think my blood has thinned out!! :oD

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!
    Christie said...
    Snow...I can't even imagine. And I like the neckwarmers! So pretty!

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