Sunday, August 02, 2009

Quarter Nanners

Unripe Bananas that is
~ Project Details ~

Pattern: Nanner Socks. I have always wanted to do these socks ever since they came out last summer.
And come on! You know I did these toe-up 2AAT! ;o)

Size: Small (7.5) and only did quarter length socks this time for a few reasons.
1. My mind was starting to play tricks on me and was concerned I would run out of yarn (with my 20/20 hindsight vision this thought became "false" as I could have put in 2 more repeats on the leg)
2. My time was running real short to the 31st 11:59pm deadline
3. My patience was waning with working on this pattern ;op
So 1/4 length they became!! Hey that is my favorite length socks anyway (and thigh-high socks..go figure one extreme to another!)

Time: I kicked everything to the side in July re: Wrestle WIPmania just to cram these in at the very end of the month to finish just in time! ;o)
It took me 10 days with on & off events/waning mojo/numb fingers/life in general. LOL

Needles: US1 (2.25) was initially done on a 32" cord which I knew would be too tight (esp. when it was time for gusset increases/turning the heel) so I "just" so happened to order another pair of needles in a 40" cord to have on hand.
And I "just" so happened to get the new pair of needles in the mail when I needed them!
The 32" set literally snapped in my hand!!! UGH! (yes those are erasers trying to keep my stitches in place Hahaha) SO very happy my intuition told me to order the needles as I was on a freakin' deadline! ;op And thankfully my needles were at home already waiting on me just when I needed them in this mini emergency! ;o)

Yarn/Cost: Last year when I switched jobs my old co-workers gave me a gift certificate to my fav LYS where I picked up some Fleece Artist Nova Wool in Rainforest.
This yarn knits up like BUTTA!!! Thank you again ladies! :)
I have actually switched out this particular yarn for so many projects and surprised it didn't go schizo on me ;op
The last project I was working on with this yarn was frogged for these socks ;o) It was a good decision as this yarn colorway is so bold and vibrant and busy, therefore patterns are hard to "show up" on it.

Modifications: I didn't learn anything new on this project, which is why I didn't have a specific section for that; and my modifications really weren't anything to bring attention.
For my increases on the toe I did (kfb) rather than a M1L/M1R (didn't see a big difference) and other than that I did everything as normal. Knitted until leg was 3" and cuff about a .5"
Slip stitch heel with my standard Russian BO. Nothing too out of the box as I am moving into the comfort zone with socks now ;o)

Verdict: Glad I finally got these socks out of my system as it was a pretty easy and well written pattern.

Now looking forward to my next pair of socks!!


  1. Anonymous said...
    Cute socks! Like the green :)

    I was supposed to take a sock class this summer. Summers almost over now. Lol
    martha - ca knitter said...
    Cute, cute socks!
    Sereknitty said...
    In my favourite colour -- spring green! Nice job, Stacey!
    urbanknitrix said...
    Love the socks! You did a wonderdul job!!
    k_purls2 said...
    very nice! I like the color too! I also prefer quarter-length. Erasers - that's a great idea. My aunt just bought me the sock project holder from knit picks as well. your dpns fit into a tube.
    Adrienne said...
    Very cute! I am hoping totake my sock class in September! I think the 3rd part of the class is on Homecoming Weekend so you KNOWWWWWWWWWW I gotta get it all figured out lol.
    Kay-From the Back Yard said...
    Very pretty!
    Karine said...
    Purrty. I think I'll throw a pair of sock on my WIP pile.
    Channon said...
    Love 'em! Look at you go with the socks.
    debra said...
    They look great Stacey! I love the color.
    cici said...
    I have been reading a lot about nanners.. Sounds like a great pattern. I love the color♥
    DeltaPurl said...
    cute color
    turtlegirl76 said...
    Yay socks! They look great! I love seeing you knit socks. =)
    delaïdo said...
    The pattern looks great with your rainforest colorway!
    diddlinaknits said...
    Great socks, nice bright color, not too long-what more could you ask for. you did a wonderful job!
    robin said...
    Fabulous! I think the socks I got from my pal two rounds ago in SP were made from the same yarn!
    KimT said...
    smariek said...
    Beautiful socks! Wow, and in 10 days too!

    I started out doing invisible toe increases, and then eventually settled on KFB because seeing that little horizontal bar helps me determine whether I'm doing an incr round or a plain round. Just makes for better "mindless" knitting. And it's not like someone is gonna look that closely at the toe to really notice.
    Susie said...
    Thanks for giving me an idea for my next project!
    Sourire11 said...
    Super cute socks!!! Very summery. Perfect for SOS2009!

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